About Engage

Engage: The Worship Experience is about learning and striving to engage yourself and others with God. The question of how we can develop a stronger relationship with God and other Christians has been asked time and again. Is it possible to create and maintain a corporate worship experience that provokes a spirit filled presence that is powerful and progressive, while maintaining the intimacy the Lord desires? The answer is yes, and this conference provides it all. We are here, gathering all church sizes and denominations for one main purposeful perspective: to Engage with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

This three-day conference is organized towards your personal and professional growth, specifically within the ministries of your church. Filled with speakers, workshops and a special worship night featuring Sanctus Real; Engage is available now to provide unique and resourceful ways of helping your church grow in many different areas. This large event gathering is a place where both Staff Worship Professionals and Volunteers can experience fresh and diverse ways of getting your church family more involved with worship.

At the conclusion of this conference, it is our hope that you leave with a feeling of renewed vision to promote ministry strategies and practical ideas to implement to your congregation. Worship leaders, Singers, Musicians, Artists, Pastors, Visual and Sound Techs, Programming and Communication members and Children Ministry Directors are all welcomed. Even if you just want to learn more about how to be an engaged worshipper, you are invited to join us. Come learn, listen, connect, experience, share, and find your story and love for worship with Engage.