Our Mission

Our goal is to provide dynamic worship experiences for the congregation of MPCC. It is our goal to utilize music, technology, strategic planning and other creative elements to draw people to the Lord in corporate worship. We strive for excellence in both process and product because we believe that a healthy and well organized process will produce a great and meaningful product or worship experience. To do this, we operate from a Four-fold philosophy of worship. These 4 points are the measuring stick for planning and evaluation.

Our Four-fold Purpose for MPCC Worship Services:

(1) God-focused; We want everything that happens in our services to be focused on God and connecting people to God.

(2) Engage the People; This starts with our team and flows from there. As a team we work hard to be as prepared spiritually, musically and technically as possible so that we are fully engaged in what we are doing as worshippers. This translates to the congregation as we lead them.

(3) Excellent; We want to do the very best job we can do every single weekend to lead our congregation in a dynamic worship experience that is of the best quality we are capable of.

(4) Seamless; From start to finish we want our services to be an ongoing conversation that is taking place between us, God and the congregation. We want to flow from element to element in a way that is seamless and makes sense as we take the congregation on a journey of worship.

We believe that genuine and authentic heartfelt worship can be a powerful tool for evangelism. We believe that authentic worship is undeniable.