On this page you’ll find graphics that you may download to share with your team and spread the word via print, email, web, and social media. Click on the name of the instructor and title and you’ll be directed to the Engage Facebook Page where all graphics are available for downloading and sharing. You’ll also have access to the Engage Facebook Cover Photo, along with the Engage Conference /Night of Worship Posters with Sanctus Real.

Workshop Instructors
Jon Weir – Lighting 101
Joey Santos - Visual Worship 101: The Basics
Luke McElroy - Visual Worship 101: The Basics
Kathleen Hacker – Vocal Technique
Paul Surowiak – Drums in Worship
Fred Meadows – The Spiritual Life of a Worship Leader
Vernon Rainwater – Worship Leader Round Table
Joey Santos – Get the Word Out! Developing Good Communication Habits for the Entire Church
Austin Johnson – Guitars in Worship
Luke McElroy – ProPresenter
Randy Vader – Choral Reading Session
Jay Rouse – Choral Reading Session
Rebecca Chappell – Copyright
Brian and Kim Tabor – Worship Preparation
Brenda Clark – Music Theory
Jon Weir – Lighting Designed for Worship
Joey Santos – Ground Zero: Volunteer Development
Phill Powell – Vocal Expression
Brian Tabor – Ground Zero: Music
Chris Franklin – Engage 4 Kids
Carmen D’Arcy Stanczykiewicz – Worship Leader Round Table
Shaun Miller – Sound for Worship
Jay Rouse – The Worship Pianist
Rebecca Chappell – The Music Business and the Church

Facebook Cover Photo

Engage Conference  (print) (web)
Worship Night featuring Sanctus Real  (print) (web)